Global Blue partners with Venistar on an innovative Tax Free Shopping Service

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For the first time, a fully integrated Tax Free Shopping solution for e-commerce is available on the global market. 

Signy, Switzerland - November 29, 2022

For the first time, a fully integrated Tax Free Shopping solution for e-commerce is available on the global market. International travelers who shop online and later pick up their items at a store or hotel of their choice will benefit from this innovative service. Global Blue has partnered with Venistar to integrate this solution into e-commerce and omnichannel platforms.

On October 7, 2022, Global Blue launched Tax Free Shopping via e-commerce platforms with our first client. This is the first time a fully integrated solution for e-commerce is being launched on the market. It will be exclusively for a selected product range. This partnership will enable international shoppers to enjoy the same Tax Free Shopping benefits online and offline.

Through this collaboration, eligible international shoppers will be able to shop Tax Free online. Travelers can have their items delivered to their hotel or pick them up in store. This new service has been enabled by Venistar CX, the headless commerce platform adopted by our client to orchestrate all of their omnichannel processes. By providing the same level of facilities in store and online, this new service aims at giving international travelers a delightful customer experience. It will also strengthen client relationships with the brand across all physical and digital touchpoints.

The new solution is active for the Buy Online with Pick Up In-Store service. This enables the shopper to buy, pay and request Tax Free Shopping online. Upon pick up, a final check is carried out in store by the client advisor before the traveler receives the Tax Free Form. This solution supports additional use cases such as Buy Online and Hotel Delivery.

The service has been launched in Italy, France, Austria, Germany, and Spain.

Tomas Mostany, SVP Strategy and Chief Product Officer, Global Blue:

“By launching the first Tax Free Shopping service integrated into eCommerce platforms, we continue to provide the latest solutions to our partners. Positioning ourselves at the forefront of innovation is at the heart of our services.”

Roberto Da Re, AD, Venistar-Retex Group:

“We are proud of this partnership with Global Blue, which leverages the extensive R&D resources of both companies. Once again, our commitment in this specific industry enables us to always be a step ahead and introduce significant innovation into digital services for global shoppers within fashion and luxury system.”

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(Press Release edited by Global Blue and Venistar Press Offices)

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