19 Apr 2022

La Cina della Generazione Z, tra mascotte e Guochao

La Generazione Z ha aumentato il suo potere d’acquisto e, grazie all’assidua presenza sui canali digitali, sta orientando consumi e tendenze del mercato cinese. Leggi tutto

02 Feb 2022

Chinese public holidays

What better time than the local public holidays to promote your business and put your brand in the spotlight? Leggi tutto

04 Jan 2022

2021 Retail, the meaning of change

To preserve the relationship with the customer, retail will have to play on many fields and continuously over time, not just during the time of sale. Leggi tutto

03 Jan 2022

The Big Quit, discontinuity has its price

In a time characterized by structural changes moving at ever-faster speeds, retail must find the ability of preventing rather than just responding to it. Leggi tutto

14 Dec 2021

How do streaming and social media influence online purchasing?

Streaming and social media phenomena are relatively recent, anyway the crosscutting impact generated on people’s consumption habits is there for all to see. Leggi tutto

13 Dec 2021

eChina, travel tips

For Italian companies making the journey towards the Chinese market or improving their stay, it is perhaps better to look at the reasons for this ‘e-normity’ and the substantial differences from our West. Leggi tutto

25 Nov 2019

Retail Pro® Ranked Top Retail POS in Market Share, Global Reach, Innovation, and Growth

Retail Pro International today announced it’s cross-platform, cross-channel POS and retail management software Retail Pro® ranked in IHL’s latest Study as number 1 retail mid-market POS. Leggi tutto

20 Jan 2017

Innovation & creativity can be fooled or deserve a real opportunity?

If you want to meet your customer's expectations and provide them omnichannel customer experiences, you need to go first for a competent open omnichannel innovation platform. Leggi tutto

05 Oct 2016

Oracle Cloud Day 2016: discover data-driven innovation

Join us for Oracle Cloud Day 2016 on Nov. 14 to explore how cloud ecosystems can speed your digital transformation and make data-driven innovation a reality in your organization. Leggi tutto