In Fashion and Luxury world, Brand’s success depends on the flexibility and the rapid response of organizations. To stay competitive, companies have to satisfy customers needs in a rapidly changing business environment, characterized by short products lifecycles wide-ranging articles. It is necessary a well scheduled planning to face this rapid response. With increased marketing channels, outsourcing options and fashion changing not only from season to season but also within the same season, it is necessary for retailers to invest in creating a flexible, collaborative and responsive supply chain. Consumer awareness and satisfaction are probably the two most important factors in creating a sustainable fashion business which is increasingly becoming global. 


  • Facilitate the sellers to decrease the inventory lugging costs
  • Reduce the lead time making products readily, and in stock, to the customers
  • Save operational and delivery costs
  • Provide a diversity of product mix at reasonable prices to the customers
  • Improve the distribution and production networks to increase the customer service level and quality while reducing cost-to-serve
  • Heightened competitiveness
  • Boost cooperation level within several areas that accelerates some organizational tasks as reporting, forecasts, delivery plans, etc.


Commerce Experience (CX) - SCM

Commerce Experience (CX) - SCM is a web-based, flexible and easily understood platform that allows to retailers, manufacturers and wholesale companies to adequately respond to the unpredictable 24/7 nature of customers shopping and make them "fit to purpose".



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