Assortment and merchandise planning in retail aimed at achieving maximum return on investment, through planning sales and inventory in order to increase profitability. The solution does this by maximising sales potential and minimising losses from mark-down and stock-outs and ensure retailers that the right product is available to the customer at the right place, time, quantity and price. Customers indeed are constantly demanding new, better and more personalized products on their schedule. This demanding Fashion & Luxury brands make accurate planning more important than ever. Retailers now have to offer larger assortments through multiple channels. Due to these additional complexities, line planning and inventory management are becoming a science that retailers must invest in order to excel in.


  • Schedule a certainly plan in an omnichannel environment
  • Increase sales, margin and inventory productivity
  • Help avoid costly mistakes by analyzing and projecting product assortment needs in advance
  • Identify new opportunities around changes in product mix, potential cost reduction and effects on the bottom line
  • Analyze of trade-off in a more accuracy and effective way
  • Sync goals at each level of the organization
  • Answer quickly to the market changes and to the customer expectations


Fashion Retail Planning

Merchandising is an essential component to retail sales since it facilities the customers shopping experience. To successfully merchandise a fashion retailer–whether it’s a small boutique or major department store–requires that fashion representatives stay up-to-date on the latest fashion trends to understand what consumers will want to buy.


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