Develop and implement an Omnichannel Retail strategy, that can integrate online and offline channels, is the most urgent need of retailers who wish, today more than ever, to offer the Client an open-ended and consistent shopping experience through all its touchpoints: store, e-commerce, website, digital device, direct email, social network, contact centre, etc.. Omnichannel is an approach and strategy that aims to provide a seamless customer experience across multiple touch points, whether your customers are making purchases in person, or online from a desktop or mobile device. For a successful omnichannel strategy to work, the experience needs to be consistent, yet optimized for each unique constituent across the entire supply chain.


  • A consistent retail experience. Thanks to the integration of the store processes with technological advanced eCommerce and mCommerce (Mobile Commerce) platforms, the digital and physical consumer’s experience merge together and synchronize themselves, allowing retailers to put Customers at the center of business, offering them a personalized and consistent retail and shopping experience through several channels and touchpoints.
  • Integrated sale channel. Omnichannel retail strategy allows shoppers to make purchase from wherever they please. It gives retailers’ stock visibility and accessibility in the customers’ favoured channel. Moreover it provides convenience to the customers and substantially increases the buying opportunities for various products offered by retailers. Lastly it provides shoppers with wider selection and numerous ways of accessing and purchasing that selection thereby enhancing sales.
  • Evolution in the organization. The overall optimization of business operations, the times decrease and the fundamental increase of production performances are just some of the benefits resulting from the implementation of a Digital Transformation strategy in the organization. It is a new cultural approach that, unifying the processes of several areas in one platform, designs and enables digital strategies in the brand’s multichannel experience. Only by listening and understanding the trends, context and consumer’s behaviour, retailers can create engagement and a Customer centric approach.


CX - Commerce Experience

CX is the most advanced omnichannel end-to-end modular platform dedicated to orchestrate retail and distribution processes for Fashion & Luxury global Brands. CX supports "out of the box" a number of industry best practices but has been designed from the ground up to support new business models and new technologies we are not yet aware of.



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