To compete in the omnichannel world, modern marketers need to have integrated information from cross-channel, content and social marketing channels with data management to deliver personalized messages and customer experiences across all marketing touchpoints in near real-time. Marketers indeed realize that today customers take unique paths from awareness to consideration to purchase and those paths are anything but linear. So they require a technology that can listen and respond to what a customer does across multiple interactions. The result should be a single relevant experience, adapted to that customer’s context and goals. The challenge with orchestration is to handle a lot of complexity in customer paths while keeping things simple for the marketer to configure, run and analyze.


  • Increase Customer loyalty
  • Drive revenues
  • Measure success through customer experience metrics, including engagement, satisfaction and lifetime value, across different points in the customer's journey
  • Orchestrate personalized experiences across online and offline marketing channels
  • Increase productivity through automated marketing campaings
  • Reduce time-to-market


Oracle Eloqua

Modern marketing practices are driving revenue growth and is a critical area of investment for companies today. Eloqua’s leading marketing automation cloud is the centerpiece of the Oracle Marketing Cloud and is an important addition to the Oracle Customer Experience offering.

Oracle Responsys

Oracle Responsys helps companies execute marketing campaigns across key interactive channels — email, mobile, social, and the web. With Responsys solutions, marketers can create, execute, and automate dynamic campaigns and lifecycle marketing programs.


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