Retailers have to cope with all kinds of returns, from apparel that just didn't suit the customer to expired products that are no longer saleable. On the other side, the omnichannel customer want a fast and easy returns process. The big focus is on reaping the most value from the return. The more information retailers can collect from a customer, the better they can head off fraud and nail down the reason for the return. The more they know about the reason, the better their decisions about needed repairs and improving future procurement. The variability of properties and terms surrounding each item creates many potential dispositions: return to manufacturer, transfer to another store, refurbish, repackage/re-kit, liquidate, disassemble and reuse, recycle, donate, or just plain throw away. Software solutions can help speed returns management by providing user profiles and workflows that define supply chain partners and processes, labeling and documentation that track the material and Web-based portals and exception-based reporting to deliver information for timely reconciliation.


  • Improve after-sales service, increasing Customer satisfaction and creating added value
  • Increase the loyalty process between Customers and service quality
  • Improve the products quality, the suppliers selection procedure and the recovery of claims
  • Manage the merchandise in an extremely sensitive manner by the monitoring of returned articles


Claims & Repairs

The Claims & Repairs module developed by Venistar streamlines the entire warranty and claims process such as sales returns, product maintenance, repairs, from return merchandise authorization to receipt and inspection. 


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