Do you really know your Customers? The modern marketers lack the customer data to drive effective marketing campaigns. Master Data Management tools help Fashion & Luxury Brands to collect customer information, to consolidate their master data, to make it available across their divisions and to keep it updated. The Single Customer View is simply the end product of this process – a complete, unique record for every one of your clients. CMDM platform allows Fashion & Luxury Brands to achieve a uniform Single Customer View across all channels by collecting and validating customer data that can be used for several activities such as Loyalties, Upselling, Cross selling, Marketing Campaign.


  • Improvement of Brand performances. Too often the master data of a company are doubled and missing in heterogeneous systems dedicated to several operations. The Master Data Management solution allows to create a single view of fundamental information of the organization, that is centrally managed with a consistent improvement of the efficiency of applications and business processes.
  • More effective decisional processes. Thanks to the completeness and consistency of the master data in the CMDM, the Board Management is able to carry out customized push actions towards the customer. The internal resources can make their activities in a more effective way and speed up the most important processes such as the launching of new products, the services delivery, the Customer service, the cross-selling and up-selling activities with reduced mistakes.
  • Single Customer View. A CMDM solution allows Brands to gain a Single Customer View of each client or prospect with certain and updated data. Having a consistent, unique set of data about individual customers that’s shared right across an organization is especially useful for marketing purposes. It’s also a crucial component of effective omnichannel communications and document output.


Customer Master Data Management

Accessing quickly to Customers data has become a primary need for all Companies. Collecting, organizing, reinforcing, using and sharing purchases, claims, feedback, users profiles and more data related to customers require more than a mere database and a traditional CRM. 


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