The Business Intelligence is the crucial element for Fashion & Luxury Brands that are facing a never-ending change and still living to the frenetic rhythm in each business area. So, how can these companies keep pace with, and even capitalize on, changes? Brands need to capturing real-time customer and business insights across channels to respond to the changing demands of customers and to make strategic decisions as fast as possible. It is necessary to collect and optimize business data that allows the Management to carry out the strategies and to assess prominent aspects such as the sales forecast, the profitability for each store, the campaign with the biggest ROI, etc.


  • Rapidity in business and decision-making process to carry out the strategies in order to reach the scheduled goals
  • Monitoring of business performances
  • Capacity to react in real-time against the competitors actions and the rapidly changing environment
  • Integrate access both to structured and unstructured information (i.e. texts and hypertexts, e-mails, Web pages, documents, forum and blogs, websites, etc.) that allows to make valutative monitoring on article's Web reputation and on offered services, to intercept trends and market opinions, to face off targeted marketing activities
  • Support to sales budget, financial and seasonal planning


Commerce Experience (CX) - B.I.

The Business Intelligence platform developed by Venistar allows to Fashion & Luxury Brands to be up-to-date on the company's trends and development, indentifying in real time the opportunities, the improvement areas and adapting the business to the goals of each organization.


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