The platform for Supply Chain Management in Fashion: digital, interconnected and smart


In fashion, product life cycles are short and characterized by a wide variety of items. The CX Commerce Experience SCM platform guarantees to act promptly on the fashion, luxury & design market, hitting the three parameters of an excellent supply chain: visibility, speed and traceability.

CX Commerce Experience SCM is the multi-brand, multibranch and multilingual web platform developed by Venistar that offers total integration between the management system and the departmental warehouse systems, transport cost management and other subsystems, avoiding data redundancy: for a perfect management of the Supply Chain in the fashion sector.

Supply Chain Management
Pianificazione collaborativa
Workflow management
WMS & Lean Logistic

Business Benefits

CX Commerce Experience SCM is the reference software suite to manage the Supply Chain in the Fashion, Luxury & Design world. It guarantees brands the ability to quickly response suppliers and the market thanks to an even more effective internal production planning and synchronized with third-party activities.

  • Significant reduction in time-to-market
  • Centralized management of subcontracters, suppliers and partners
  • Immediate visibility into any changes from planned
  • Optimization of all distribution and production networks
  • Greater and more punctual control of quantities and delivery dates
  • Cancellation of data import/export procedures

All integrated: easy relationships

Integrate and optimize all distribution networks.
The CX SCM platform integrates your current management system with departmental warehouse systems, transport cost management systems and other subsystems into a single functional and intuitive web platform. With this collaborative solution, teams can share accurate data with all parties involved in the process including suppliers, resellers and distributors, wherever they are, optimizing decision making.

More efficient orders

Increase accuracy and responsiveness.
CX Commerce eXperience SCM allows you to publish Purchase Orders and Processing Orders to suppliers, manufacturers and subcontractor. The process is managed by a workflow to control the processes of approval, publication, acknowledgment and modification of each order. It is possible to manage internal (confidential) notes or shared with suppliers, combining them with documents, images and other files. Each step is communicated by automatically sending an email. Finally, the process of sending the materials necessary for processing (shipping, receiving, feedback) is tracked and monitored in a timely manner: precision and speed guaranteed.

Super streamlined collaboration

It makes supplier management flexible and fluid.
CX SCM enables efficient extension of product lifecycle management data and processes to suppliers through true process integration. You can cooperate with suppliers through interactions that include exchanging design data, directly sourcing materials, and managing supply schedules. Collaboration with extended supplier teams is simplified by an intuitive portal that allows you to receive requests and forward responses, as well as coordinate all the typical communication flows.

Performance under control

Monitor performance with a logistics dashboard.
CX SCM provides management with all the elements for a concrete verification of the performance supported by the organization. Thanks to a monitoring dashboard that examines the typical KPIs of the logistics process, the system analyzes data relating to the average production by category and delivery delays/ advances in quantity per supplier or by product class, returning measurable and objective reports useful for quickly correcting any performance discrepancies at all levels of the value chain.


Turbocharge your Brand!

In the world of Fashion Retail, not delivering products to stores in the pre-established times and ways can lead to significant economic damage as well as the loss of important customers.

CX SCM as a logistics lever plays a decisive role for brands that want to increase their competitive differential on the market, achievable value thanks to a reduction in time-to-market, greater and more punctual control of the quantities and delivery dates of the goods, immediate visibility on 'bottlenecks' in the operational flow as well as the optimization of quality and service guaranteed to the customer.