The perfect platform for Retail Management


Online or offline makes no difference: the shopping experience must be engaging and interactive. The best POS and retail management solution in Italy and in the world responds easily to this. To drive the international growth of your brand and simplify retail processes.

Used by over 9,000 retailers in 130 countries, Retail Pro Prism is the ideal platform for Fashion, Luxury & Design brands looking to manage owned stores, franchisees, kiosks or store-in-store with exceptional agility, data security, precision and operational control.

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Business Benefits

Why have over 52,000 stores chosen Retail Pro Prism as their retail management platform for managing in-store processes?

  • Offers high standards of best-in-class functional coverage
  • Provides flexibility thanks to the open and modular architecture
  • Supports brands' retail growth strategy globally
  • Unify all retail information and inventory, customer, and promotion data
  • Enables UI customization with native APIs
  • Leave wide choice on devices (traditional POS, iOS, Android or Windows mobile device)

International Platform

It responds to the needs of localization and internationalization.
Retail Pro Prism is designed to guarantee Brands the possibility to expand and manage their business globally, without any interruption, also thanks to the support of a dense network of Business Partners. Process flows and regional requirements can be optimized based on store localization, thus ensuring maximum flexibility to operate seamlessly according to the regulations of each country (taxation, taxation, language and currency).

Adaptable architecture

Optimize retail operations and break down complexity.
At the heart of Retail Pro Prism is a flexible architecture that, thanks to innovative and industry-recognized technological standards, ensures greater customization of the solution and seamless integration with legacy third-party systems. All this, combined with total visibility on the different sales channels, accurate and real-time communications and agile and centralized control, makes Retail Pro Prism a complete retail management platform that enables the omnichannel strategies of the Brands and that ensures scalability, faster performance and maximum extensibility.

Personalized POS and checkout

All the features for store management.
Retail Pro Prism guarantees a very personalized shopping experience, thanks to detailed information on the purchasing habits of the individual consumer. It demonstrates maximum versatility in POS transactions: in a single operation, in fact, all the typical sales interactions can be inserted (such as essential purchases, returns or orders for items that are generally not found within the store). The needs of retailers in the organization of daily activities are finally at hand.

Customers orders management

Faster orders, more efficient service level.
One of the hallmarks of Retail Pro Prism is the ability to create and manage different customer orders quickly and efficiently within the same user interface used for sales transactions, supporting all payment methods. Thanks to the flexibility offered by this feature, you will be able to maximize the level of service that the Customer expects.

Inventory per millimeter

Returns a true and true picture of the trend in stocks and inventories.
Retail Pro Prism makes warehouse, stock and inventory management even easier and more efficient. Thanks to a series of item identifiers, the retailer easily and quickly identifies the list of transactions made, validating prices or checking the availability of an item requested by the customer in other stores. Retail pro Prism makes in-store processes very simple for staff and efficient for your customers.

Relationship with the Customer

Timely marketing actions thanks to tailor-made data.
Knowing customers and their buying habits is the key to any retailer's success. Retail Pro Prism allows you to acquire, through access to a Customer's purchase history from any POS system, strategic information on the main purchasing habits and demographic data (age, favorite brands, birthday, etc.) of the consumer. This information can be used by the Brand to structure precise marketing actions, personalized campaigns and tailor-made promotions, in full respect of the privacy and security of the Customer's data.

Business continuity

It guarantees the maximum performance of the cash desk.
Retail Pro Prism offers continuity of service even in case of connection problems. The speed of operations and data security is guaranteed by the use of a local database that replicates data from the checkouts to the server (and vice versa). This mode of operation leads to full autonomy of the stores that can continue to manage operations without any interruption.


The keystone for the global growth of your Brand.

Direct and strong relationship with customers, through any channel and touchpoint, and creation of a structured network of physical or virtual stores, shop in shop, flagship and department store are the cornerstones of all Fashion Retailers who wish to undertake an integrated development strategy of their distribution channels, physical or digital. 

If you want to enter new international markets and at the same time consolidate your presence in the "core" markets, Retail Pro Prism is the ideal solution to start a global growth strategy while always maintaining a strong control over the business. Thanks to the close collaboration with Retail Pro, of which Venistar is Business and Development Partner, we can help you manage all retail operations with the solution that best suits the technological and strategic needs of your Brand.