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The watchword today is acceleration. The engine is digital innovation, the way forward is the multi-channel development of the relationship with the customer. The Phygital dimension is the driver of change.

It is not just a promise, but a real Strategic Operating Method. Its name is Digital Innovation Accelerator: the perfect combo of consulting, services and solutions that lead to the simplification of complexity and to the omnichannel governance of the Brand.

Digital Strategy
Omnichannel asset
Digital operation
Phygital Projects

Business Benefits

Digital Innovation Accelerator: the strategy for Brands that want to project themselves towards omnichannel by facing the challenges of an increasingly evolved and competitive market.

  • Engaging Customer and Shopping Experience
  • Better sales performance
  • More effective data-driven strategy
  • Customer Lifetime Value Optimization

Digital strategy

Replicable and scalable projects.
Thanks to the many experiences of Venistar and Retex Group in the digital innovation for the growth of the online and physical business, we accompany the brands of the Fashion, Luxury & Design world to build together a digital strategy capable of leading the company to its growth objectives. Increasingly transversal, digital and interconnected skills aimed at accelerating your business.

Omnichannel Commerce

The path to unite physical and digital.
Over 70% of consumers use multiple channels to get to the purchase. The Retex Group's Strategic Operating Method supports the path of brands from different points of engagement, to enhance the omnichannel business and their digital presence in order to create a unique, consistent, fluid and integrated shopping experience through the different touchpoint used.

Multi-channel digital marketing

Fast and interconnected actions to engage the customer.
The exponential increase of marketplaces, digital touchpoints, omnichannel events and front-end and back-end platforms requires the perfect integration and supervision by the Brand on all marketing activities. Venistar, through the Retex Group, provides a wide variety of operational services (such as customer care, marketplace fulfillment, personal shopping, etc.), to create the perfect funnel.

Phygital business

Zero barriers between online and offline, maximum ROI.
The future is fluid. With Venistar and the Retex Group, the Brands of Fashion, Luxury and Design world build shopping experiences that achieve a perfect balance between the online and offline worlds. The result is the transformation and integration of distribution and sales channels in Phygital logic, with a high return on investment already in the medium term.

Road to China

A reality, a thousand possibilities for a retail without borders.
China is an unmissable opportunity for brands that aim at international markets but you need to combine your identity with local specificities. The Retex Group supports customers from the go-to-market strategy to the creation and management of the main digital marketing channels for the Chinese market (WeChat, Weibo, Baidu, Douyin, TMall, etc.) without neglecting the cultural mediation.


The new frontier of Retail!

Today shopping is Phygital. The point of sale, the showroom, the online shop are all looking to play an important role, connecting and innovating their functionality. Thanks to consolidated best practices and high-level know-how such as that offered by Venistar - Retex Group, the Fashion, Luxury & Design brands can combine the physical world and online interaction, through digital technologies.