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The omnichannel strategy is now essential for any brand. What solution to overcome the complexities of the Fashion, Luxury & Design world? Headless commerce is the only complete answer that can address the global challenges of the fashion universe.

There is only one headless commerce platform designed to solve omnichannel needs in fashion: its name is CX Commerce eXperience. It manages physical and digital channels in an integrated way, provides innovative services, works on the B2C-B2B-B2E-C2B2B side, optimizes distributed stock management and order workflow with an integrated omnichannel dashboard.

Stock Management
Single Customer View
Omnichannel services

Business Benefits

CX Commerce Experience is the software suite for omnichannel headless commerce in the Fashion, Luxury & Design world.

  • Unify stocks
  • Orchestrate order management
  • Integrate all touchpoints
  • Manages omnichannel business logic
  • Facilitate marketplace operations
  • Create a unique view of the consumer

Single hub, multiple channels

Drive digital growth with an open platform.
Facilitate omnichannel collaboration and create a consistent brand experience. CX Commerce Experience is a next-generation enterprise-class headless commerce solution that can integrate and orchestrate existing business systems such as ERP, Finance, Retail, E-commerce, Marketing, Customer Service, Logistics, Marketplace, Payment Systems, Tax Free. It makes it easy to enable new sales tools and create innovative customer-oriented services and new digital business models.

Lean API-First approach

It puts APIs at the heart of your technology strategy.
Thanks to the APIs (Application Programming Interface), Fashion, Luxury & Design brands have three distinctive components at their disposal to manage the complexity of omnichannel processes.
The first, One Pool Inventory (OPI), connects warehouses and stores from which to draw the availability of products, rebuilding a single inventory.
The second, Omnichannel Business Rules (OBR), defines the assignment rules according to the type of order, the geographical area, the date, the type of delivery requested, the priorities, etc.
The third, Stock Protection Rules (SPR), defines the logic of stock protection, by time frame, by SKU, etc.

Omnichannel order management

One and the same platform for all channels.
CX Commerce eXperience unifies sales and offers an overview of orders from all channels (e-Commerce, Marketplace, Retail, Wholesale, Social & Conversational Commerce, etc.). It also provides various processing and delivery options for order fulfillment.

Just in time distribution network

Manages collection orders on the move.
The OMS (Order Management System) provides agents, showrooms, shops, customer care and distributors with a single modern and effective application for the acquisition of collection and replenishment orders and back-office operations, thanks to the integration of master data from the ERP and from the data flows of collections, price lists, agents, customers and orders.

Headless Stock

Optimize warehouse and point of sale management.
It speeds up the entire process of order management and fulfillment, even in self-service mode, through an intelligent redistribution of goods in the various stores based on the performance of the various items.

Innovative digital processes

It provides omnichannel services to meet customer expectations.
Integrate online and physical channels to offer new purchase and return models (Buy Online, Pick from Everywhere, Click & Collect, Reserve in Store, In Store Order, Ship from Store, Return in Store, Exchage in Store, Exchange Online) to actively involve customers both in store and on the move and thus create an exclusive sales ceremony,  unique and constant in the various touchpoints manned by the Brand.

Data-driven strategy

Activate and make the purchase data understandable.
CX Commerce eXperience converts customer behavioral data collected during the customer journey into information useful for the management of the various areas of the organization. This gives you a unified view of information, for a data-driven, not opinion-driven approach to customer experience. It becomes easy to provide rewarding services and personalize the relationship with the customer, putting him at the center of marketing actions.


Headless Commerce makes the difference!

Throughout the digital transformation journey, CX Commerce Experience fits in as an incredible flexibility tool, totally adaptable, thanks to the headless architecture. Direct action on several fronts: implementation of innovative customer-oriented services, management of physical and digital channels in an integrated way, optimization of distributed stock management, omnichannel order fulfillment workflow, an integrated omnichannel cockpit and B2B/B2C/B2E/C2B2B adaptive services. In short, make use of services oriented to the digital global shopper, whose purchase method is increasingly omnichannel.