The business information system for the growth of Fashion Brands

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Creation, production, showroom, logistics, fashion shows, shops... the fashion supply chain involves many operators. How to manage them? With Infor CloudSuite Fashion, the only ERP specialized in reducing the lead time of collections, minimizing stocks and consolidating supply chain partnerships.

Infor CloudSuite Fashion eliminates "information silos", coordinating all data both internally and externally, and it provides everyone involved with a clear view of plans, orders, inventory, costs and performance.

Networked order management
Product Lifecycle Management
WMS & Lean logistic
Sales & Distribution

Business Benefits

Infor CloudSuite Fashion is the software suite for the management of business processes and data business intelligence in the Fashion, Luxury & Design world that combines absolute control of internal information flows along with the coordination of sales channels.

  • Leaner operations and reduced time-to-market
  • Comprehensive and holistic view of business management
  • Sustainable, fluid and efficient Supply Chain
  • Improved productivity and competitiveness
  • Data accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Automation of forecasts, planning and assortments

Total data management

Keep your business under control.
Fashion, Luxury & Design companies work with ever larger volumes of data, with a constantly expanding mix of products and shorter reaction and delivery times to the customer. With Infor CloudSuite Fashion it is easy to enter data and manage it accurately: more operational efficiency, less management time, faster reaction.

Assortment management

Plan replenishments and increase sales at full price.
With Infor CloudSuite Fashion, it's easy to effectively create and manage assortment and replenishment plans in stores, improving the agility of the organization, minimizing stock outages and guaranteeing the Brand greater shares of sales at full price. The information is always up to date and every operation is perfectly under control.

Responsiveness to demand

Improve service levels and profitability.
Infor CloudSuite Fashion helps Fashion Brands improve forecast accuracy with more punctual service levels to customers without increasing or even reducing inventory. In this way, generating reliable forecasts updated in real time, will no longer be a problem.

Accurate relationship management

Increase the productivity of the sales force.
Infor CloudSuite Fashion provides a comprehensive view of the various facets of the relationship with customers, from sales to customer service, from distribution to finance. In this way, customer relations are always under control, and it becomes much easier to achieve excellent levels of service to compete in your reference market.

Financial planning

It simplifies financial processes and enhances decision-making.
Administration and finance need accurate data. Infor CloudSuite Fashion provides advanced capabilities to manage general, analytical, and industrial accounting, budgeting, analytics and reporting, consolidation, and financial planning. By improving the control and visibility of transactions at every level, you can analyze costs, monitor margins, eliminate any inefficiencies, and allocate resources to the most profitable activities.

Lean warehouse, distribution ok

Optimize distribution logistics.
Infor CloudSuite Fashion supports simple or complex distribution networks and provides comprehensive warehouse management capabilities. The system is designed to help minimize inventory uptime, reduce inventory levels, increase productivity and improve customer service.

Efficient production

Create economically sustainable and more profitable collections.
In fashion it is necessary to quickly introduce new products and manage their life cycle. Infor CloudSuite Fashion helps to plan production, in long-term and short-term scenarios, to manage operational activities up to the payment of finished products in stock. Reduced operating inventory and cost estimates result in better margin control.

Business intelligence in one click

Measure performance in real time: up-to-date metrics and KPIs.
End of Excel sheets to be continuously updated by hand: Infor CloudSuite Fashion provides a unique source of information for the entire organization. With data available in real time at all levels, from strategic to tactical and operational. Reports and business insights, necessary to make the right decisions at the most appropriate time, will be available to management in a constant way.

Extended supply chain

It offers precise insights for absolute compliance with the times.
From order management across the entire network, to factory quality control. From supply chain visibility with RFID tracking to order confirmations. Up to the reporting of any anomaly in the scheduled timing with proactive alerts in case of delays. Infor CloudSuite Fashion has all the tools to plan decisions over any time horizon of the value chain, to react quickly to changes, reduce stock levels and procurement times, while maintaining very high levels of customer service.


The solution for your brand's data-driven decisions.

In global and digitized markets, ERP platforms are the central nervous system of a company. Infor CloudSuite Fashion is the specific information management solution for the Fashion, Luxury, Design sector, ideal to meet the needs of today's fashion market, enhancing end-to-end processes.

If you want to make decisions based not on opinions, but on data that is always updated in real time, Infor CloudSuite Fashion is the indispensable platform. Venistar accompanies you on this journey with specialized resources and best practices in the fashion industry.