Venistar has a professional team with great skills and experience in Fashion & Luxury, in process consultancy and even in the identification of the best practices and technologies useful to improve the business model of the sector.

Thanks to this technological know-how, Venistar is the suitable partner to rely on for assistance and support during business decisions and it is the Single Point of Contact (SPOC) of the Client: working with each customer individually, Venistar understands needs and provides personalized strategy, implementation and IT support that improve Clients' business technology performance and ensure business continuity. 



To stay competitive, companies must stop experimenting with digital and commit to transforming themselves into full digital businesses. Digital transformation is uniquely challenging, touching every function and business unit while also demanding the rapid development of new skills and investments that are very different from business as usual. Venistar provides process competences, the technology knowledge and the best support to help Customers to move beyond vague statements of intent and focus on “hard wiring” digital into their organization’s structures, processes and systems.


Venistar has an organized and specialized group of experts who work on producing the deliverables and moving the project towards successful completion during all project phases. From requirements review to design stage to implementation, the project management team is available to handle all project aspects on behalf of the customer: with the collaboration of the customer stakeholders, the experts pinpoint the goals and examine the guidelines that are essential to reach the aim and that will be used to carry out and control the development steps of the project.

System Integration

System Integration

Venistar has professional resources with deep expertise and certifications in Java, iOS, RPG and Oracle thanks to which it's possible to realize complete and complex systems according to customer’s specific needs.

After a careful analysis and consultancy of the processes required by the project and of the systems involved by the integration, Venistar is able to realize projects in which it is necessary to integrate heterogeneous application solutions creating convergence and efficient managed processes with these legacy business applications.


The maintenance of the business information system needs a continuous, qualitative and efficient operational support. Thanks to the deep knowledge of the specialized ERP platforms for Fashion and Luxury, Venistar is able to deliver Application Management services that promptly fulfills to Customers needs in full compliance with the Service Level Agreements (SLA) earlier planned and agreed with each Customer.

Venistar  provides management activity and application development to support the legacy system of it’s Customers. Particularly, thanks to the remarkable knowledge of the operational system specialized for the Fashion industry, providing maintenance activity and development of applications within the domain AS400, Windows, iOS and Unix. Venistar offers competitive professional resources in traditional applications developed with RPG and ILE, both in scope with WEB applications developed with Java and the most modern open technologies. This allows significant advantages in implementing integration with Legacy environments, maintaining  the systems at the internal core of skills and corporate control of IT organizations, updating and improving the system with controlled investments, very short release times and reutilization of components and services.

Global Service Desk


The Global Support (GS) provides customer assistance and consultancy services regarding the solutions supplied or distributed by Venistar. This service supports headquarters, branches, offices and stores of each Customer. The GS Team provide a worldwide customer support that is available to answer any query whether it’s technical or functional 24 hours a day 7 days a week, in several languages and with necessary knowledge and depth of skills to quickly pin point and resolve any questions. The GS service is divided as follows: 

  • First Level: reserved to stores, offices, local branches and provided by Local Business Partners with local language and times. 
  • Second Level: reserved to headquarters, offices, administrative branches and provided by Venistar Team, in Italian and English

The Global Support service has been structured thinking at the needs of the retail, wholesale and distribution Companies that, despite being branched and extended beyond national boundaries, requires centralized data and analysis.


Venistar ha costruito un network di Business Partner per rispondere alle esigenze di Clienti con attività internazionali e per assicurare la copertura di progetti in oltre 65 Paesi, con più di 300 consulenti esperti nel mondo Fashion & Luxury e nella gestione retail e wholesale. Attraverso questa rete di Business Partner Venistar garantisce alle Aziende il supporto in lingua e orari locali, con conoscenza dell’ambiente del Cliente e rapido accesso alle normative e fiscalità dei singoli Paesi. Con questo metodo di lavoro, Venistar ha già realizzato importanti progetti in tutta Europa, Russia e Repubbliche ex sovietiche, Cina, Hong Kong, India, Australia, Giappone, Corea, USA, Canada, Brasile, Messico, etc.


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