CX has been designed to be the retail & distribution innovation center perfectly integrated with company ERP's and POS systems, mobile apps and e-commerce. FashionAble Retail pre-configured modules enables fast projects with optimized budgets and low impact on internal organization. CX allows to efficiently manage an unique omnichannel retail platform centralizing in real time master data management, customers transactions and interactions, marketing campaigns and sales related to all different wholesale and retail channels including: stores, franchisee, shop in shops, e-commerce, mobile commerce and kiosks. CX enable your brand the ability to create for your customers a really exciting and unique shopping experience to build a loyal and growing customer base.


Order Management

FAR Order Management System is a web-based solution that has been designed to capture and process orders coming from online and offline channels. It provides a multi-channel, multi-platform, multi-currency, multi-brand and multi-company end-to-end order management solution that manages all aspects of the order lifecycle and ensures seamless control of customer orders, from order receipt to financial settlement. Get more info>>

iPad Catalog & Lookbook

The dynamic App developed by Venistar is an efficient application to manage independently catalogs and lookbooks of prodocts and collections, orders and reorders, stock availability and much more. The iPad Catalog & Lookbook module is the ultimate solution that offers a unique and amazing user experience allowing Brands to compete in the market. Get more info>>

B2B & B2E

It is an eCommerce B2B platform that allows agents and sales force to be independent in the management of sales processes, from the information of each customer to master data related to collections, price lists, stock availability, pictures and order entry. Get more info>>

Claims & Repairs

This module allows to collect in store customer claims and manages the complete workflow till goods delivery to the customer. The user has the possibility to pinpoint the users roles involved in the workflow process (i.e. store, customer service, accounting, quality control, repair lab, warehouse logistic), to manage the under warranty products with repair estimate and to upload images of the returned or repaired products. Get more info>>


The Replenishment module is a web, multi-branch, multi-brand and multi-language application dedicated to the stores replenishment. The module suggests to the stores replenishment orders in «push» mode, defining quantities to be sent according to a series of customizable algorithms.

The application can be easily integrated with Retail Pro V9, with the most recognized ERP platforms, with the business portal or by clicking directly on the URL link and allows to:

  • make available an automated replenishment
  • optimize stocks and decrease out of stocks
  • use specifics algorithms for stores format and for products categories (i.e. longlife, seasonal) 
  • improve store logistics efficiency and supply chain management
Showroom Management

The Showroom module allows to automate linesheets and inventory updates, edit, review and confirm orders in seconds, sync orders with your ERP to fasten the cycle. The module manage straightforwardly the handling of pattern books, tracking the drifts towards other showrooms, specialized newsrooms, agents or customers. The handlings are done through the barcodes reading or by streamlined functions of enquiry. The solution, that allows to manage the pictures of all articles and the documents related to the customer or to each item, gives significant benefits in terms of:

  • Handling and control of collection articles
  • Best value for the stock
  • Improvement of customer service
  • Decrease IT department costs
Shop in Shop

The Shop in Shop module manages sales data collection from Shop in Shop, corner or Wholesales using a web page, without set up of a POS system. It provides the online integration with the company's ERP back-end system and allows to publish the stock inventory on the side of the store to which the consignment is done while the retailer can display the stock via Web and declare the sales. The sold products can be acquired through an upload from the POS system, manually claimed, through a barcode scanner or via RFID tags. On benefits side, the application allows the efficient management of consignment sales, without requiring any POS installation in the Shop in Shop and providing access via browser, with an user frendly interface.

Price Manager

The Price Manager module allows to centrally create and manage wholesale and retail price lists, starting from a standard cost or a basic price list and create price lists for all the different company channels, markets and currency. With this module retailers can gain full control over the lifecycle pricing of products from initial price through to end-of-life. FashionAble Price Manager is a complete, rules-based pricing engine that supports regular, promotional and clearance pricing across all touchpoints and allows to:

  • Import standard or basic costs from external systems such as ERP, PLM, XLS
  • Import budget, historical data, rolling forecast for the present season
  • Generate the price lists (i.e. sell-in, sell-out, discount)
  • Marginality control simulation process
  • Price lists distribution to ERP and POS systems


  • Control execution of business strategy for the entire omnichannel operations
  • Empower regional organizations, retail & store managers, buyers, agents, showrooms
  • Support distribution or commercial branches (wholesale and/or retail)
  • Improve visibility of business trends and global company performance
  • Improve innovation pace to anticipate market opportunities
  • Control Supply Chain from production to consumer
  • Improve cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Drive up revenues and reduce operational costs
  • Improve brand identity and customer service
  • Build a vital and interactive customers community
  • Support new technologies as mobile apps, iPad, interactive screens, RFID, NFC, etc.

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