Retailers are focused on optimizing planning and merchandising decisions by improved time-to-market and increased strategic sourcing. A MDM system provides retailers the tools needed to rationalize the product information required to make the right decisions. The Omnichannel Customer Master Data Management developed by Venistar centralizes and consolidates an unique Customer DB with information deriving from heterogeneous systems (such as point of sales, shop on line, CRM, Mobile Apps, Marketing Campaign tool)s and makes in real time data available to all platforms, Customer Analytics and marketing tools like Oracle Responsys, Eloqua, Compendium and BlueKai included. The Omnichannel CMDM essentially places the consumer and their individual preferences at the center of all transactions and processes related to those transactions, transforming the way that retailers do business.


Customer Information Management

The Omichannel Customer Master Data Management allows to deliver consolidated, consistent and authoritative master data across the enterprise and distributes this master information to all operational and analytical applications. The platform drives results by empowering Brands and their users with the ability to cleanse, govern and manage the quality and lifecycle of master data. Processes commonly seen in the CMDM include source identification, data collection, data transformation, normalization, rule administration, error detection and correction, data consolidation and classification, data enrichment and data governance. In this way the application enables Fashion & Luxury Brands to realize the benefits associated with a data-driven business by creating a Single Customer View and other associated entities across previously siloed and disparate data sources. 

The CMDM is composed of three elements:

  • Services bus for IN-OUT integration
  • Business Logic for acquiring, controlling, upkeeping and sharing data
  • Database for data consolidation and aggregation

The CMDM can be integrated to FashionAble Retail platform or used On Premise or in Private Cloud.

SOA Service Library

The CMDM offers preconfigured charts and web services that can be used to fully integrate master data in technical architectures and in existing business processes. In the DB are already available more than 60 charts, 12 Rest/Api services for data management and over 10 web pages for the CMDM mainteinance and for data cleaning, even if information are deriving from heterogeneous systems. In addition there are several sections in which the user can insert Customers data such as:

  • Customer Master Data: Customer confidential data (encrypted at 128 bit) like name, address, date of birth, e-mail, phone number, etc.
  • Customer Purchases: purchases done for channel, summary and details
  • Customer Preferences: personal profile, hobby, life style connection
  • Link to Social: social network channels used by each Customer
  • Customer Claim: warnings, claims, claim status
  • Customer Campaigns: actions on customers, outcome, campaign ranking
  • Customer Recommendations: OEM integration with up-selling and cross-selling algorithms
Open Ecosystem

The CMDM is the ultimate repository for Digital Marketing platforms (such as Oracle Responsys and Oracle Eloqua) and the orchestrating system for information and data of each customer that will be used for certain initiatives. The platform can be easily integrated with PoS systems (like Retail Pro) from which it's possible to gain important master data of the customer. Implementing an open ecosystem like the Omnichannel CMDM allows enterprises to adopt the right solution designed to reduce the cost of compliance, reduce time to market as well as improve the customer experience by optimizing marketing efforts and providing the answers customers need.


  • Multichannel data management, consolidation and distribution to sales tools
  • Completeness, consistency and specifity of essential information for an immediate push action to the Customer
  • Aggregation of typical information of Fashion & Luxury sector
  • Speed in new services implementation
  • Enterprise Technology based on Oracle and SOAP and REST web services
  • Compatibility with APIs supplyed by the main marketplaces tools, possibility of integration with several e-commerce and Marketing Campaign platforms (i.e. Oracle Marketing Cloud tools like Eloqua and Responsys), POS solutions (i.e. Retail Pro), CRM, etc.

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