FAR Order Management System is a web-based solution that has been designed to capture and process orders coming from online and offline channels. It provides a multi-channel, multi-platform, multi-currency, multi-brand and multi-company end-to-end order management solution that manages all aspects of the order lifecycle and ensures seamless control of customer orders, from order receipt to financial settlement. 


Collection Order

FAR Collection Orders is a web module dedicated to manage collection orders for agents and showrooms dedicated to Fashion & Luxury System. The solution fully supports all phases of acquisition orders, and includes a comprehensive and integrated back office system (FAR Core) dedicated to the management of the profiling of agents/users, the integration of master data from Management/ERP and the management of flows data collections, listings, agents, customers and orders. The standard processing flow of Collection Orders management includes:

  • Log-in credentials and user profile retrievals
  • Selections of customer for agents or sales representatives
  • Order header insertion
  • Order lines insertion with barcode driven by a specific selection or list
  • Summary of ordered line by categories
  • Order view or print
  • Order confirmation
  • Transfer of the order to the management system
  • Follow-up placed, confirmed and shipped orders
Collection Order 4 iPad

FAR Collection Book & Orders 4 iPad is an additional module of FAR Collection Orders that includes a complete business application developed natively for iPad with an integrated back office system (FAR + Core Collection Orders). The app allows allows to easily manage and display Fashion collections through the iPad, the navigation in the products catalog and the input of wishlists and orders that are shared with FAR Back-End through web services. The Collection Order 4 iPad app allows to:

  • Divide the items into collections (autumn-winter & spring-summer)
  • Display the catalog of past collections
  • Relate the price lists to each customer
  • Relate the customers' list to the agent or to the sales force of the showroom
  • Choose the product line (i.e. men, women, accessories) for each collection
  • Display the photo, the product details, the price, the model and the color availability
  • Choose quantity, sizes, colors and delivery date for each product
  • Share the data with FAR to complete the order of collection
  • Insert directly the Customer data (i.e. name, surname, address, city, etc.)
  • Insert the physical measures of the customer (i.e. waistline, back, chest, etc.)
  • Display the order recap (number of ordered products, total price, collection, etc.)
  • Display the orders list in different colors depending on the status of each order (i.e. green for sent orders, yellow for in progress orders, etc.)
Budget Forecast

The Budget Forecast process allows to manage the seasonal budget for each customer with the possibility to split it by season, line, retail or wholesale channel, agent, customer. It's also possible to insert new customers and order details and to manage the previous orders of the last two seasons. The process allows to:

  • Insert the seasonal budget for each agent
  • Amend the budget for customer (forecast)
  • Amend the budget for each product category (forecast)
  • Insert new forecast customers in the budget
  • Create the history of the past two seasons
  • Approve or reject the budget
  • Export data in .XLS file


  • Ease of use in full user friendly interface
  • Effectiveness in the management of the entire system (front-end and back-end)
  • Strong visual presentation and product navigation
  • Easy integration with the management system
  • Support in the steps of collection presentation, selection and clothing order insertion typical of the Showroom
  • Grounded application platform, scalable and ready to support new features
  • Modern and reliable technologies
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership due to the web-based system architecture

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