The Claims & Repairs module developed by Venistar streamlines the entire warranty and claims process such as sales returns, product maintenance, repair , from return merchandise authorization to receipt and inspection. The solution enables the Customer Service to process a high volume of inbound and outbound warranty claims quickly and, to a large extent, automatically, according to serveral levels of authorization (warranty, account collection, full cost, etc.). By simplifying the warranty and claims process, service executives can make key decisions that will elevate Customer loyalty and the most accomplished Customer Experience.


Returns management process

The Claims & Repairs module allows Fashion & Luxury Brands to keep track in a detailed way of all documents related to the return process through all the flows involved: from the logistic of materials to Non-Compliance up to the closing of the claims. The web-based application is multibrand, multibranch and multilanguage and it is easily integrable with the ERP systems. Furthermore the solution can be activated directly by URL or through the company web-portal, without additional installations.

Goals and features

The module has the aim to keep track of all the elements that settle the Claim and to activate the process of data management inside the Company. With this solution it is possibile to settle several types of returns in the registration stage (customer data, flawed, end-of-season, faulty) and to connect a configurable series of flaws and objects up to the input of related costs. There are also several ways of retrieval of the article code of return input (from form upload, for barcode, for research, etc.) in addition to the possibility of entering and managing the return's cause, the request's outcome and the actions allowed to the store, the control of delivery and sales document for the validation of articles returns. Finally, a suitable tool manages the customer data to ensure an appropriate use of them in the CRM system, having a consistent and updated information about the customer. 


  • Boost sales thanks to a simple and easy return process
  • Deliver a superior Shopping Experience
  • Tailor made international end-to-end return solution
  • Reduce complexity with simplified processes
  • Transparency and control through smart reporting and integrations
  • Cost reduction and improved bottom line
  • Direct and prompt procedures without data import/export
  • Improve Customer Engagament, Customer Experience and Customer Satisfaction

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