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The store of the future twists ‘classical shopping’ with the meta-world, driving customers through a 4.0 retail experience.

London is calling and PHILIPP PLEIN is answering, loudly. A few weeks after the UK government announced their plan to mint its own non-fungible token, as part of a push towards becoming a “world leader” in the cryptocurrency space, the German designer lands in London. Planting his flag in the heart of the British capital by opening a flagship store on Old Bond Street and presenting anexclusive, innovative crypto store concept.
“Today we have accomplished opening the First Crypto Concept Store where digital meets physical” stated Philipp Plein.
The store of the future twists ‘classical shopping’ with the meta-world, driving customers through a 4.0 retailexperience. As a digital business card, a mega screen will project Plein Plaza, the land bought for $1.4 million in thevirtual world of Decentraland. This will introduce clients to the metaverse, guiding everyone into the new dimension and helping them create their own avatar for experiencing virtual trips.

Each floor of the British meta-store features a different theme, the ground floor is dedicated to accessories and shoes, with the first and second floors holding the Spring-Summer collection 22’. As with other physical stores and websites, the new London flagship store will accept payment in cryptocurrencies. Customers can locate the price in different crypto by scanning the QR codes placed on the shelves to see real-time fluctuations.

The third floor is the most exciting, named The M.O.N.A. (Museum of NFT Art) floor, it will accommodate the first physical art gallery of the metaverse. Meta-addicts and newcomers alike can admire the NFTart collection realized by the Crypto Kings, displayed on eight screens.The floor will also hold physical artworks belonging to the ‘Lil Monster Capsule. Not just a simple boutique, the new PHILIPP PLEIN flagship store will be a cultural, artistic, fashion and futuristic hub.

Also in April, the brand will announce the opening of its own NFT marketplace. Not only a physical museum, the M.O.N.A. will be an independent platform for the promotion of new NFT artists and boost the NFT market. The M.O.N.A. platform allows consumers to buy digital art, bid on auctions and have direct contact with the creatorsthrough their profiles. Furthermore, it will be possible to check statisticsrelated to the NFT market and offer the first ever service that allows buyers to bid for a custom NFT created by their favourite artists.

The unique platform will serve as a special window for new digitalartists with the M.O.N.A. offering exclusive training services in NFT to pack projects to mint. PHILIPP PLEIN will produce marketing,contracts, sales platform, analytics, advice for the royalties from mint and secondary sales.
We are on the brink of a new era, and a new type of duality. PHILIPPPLEIN is ready to experiment with a third dimension, bringing physicality to the digital world and giving physical presence to digital things.

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