The vision of B2B Cross-Channel Marketing in 2016

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"Help marketers create a world-class customer experience while driving revenue now". That's the Oracle Marketing Cloud’s Vision as defined by Group Vice President, John Stetic.

As consumers today evolve at an exponential rate, it is imperative that modern marketers keep pace and strive to cultivate a marketing ecosystem that is always-on and accountable to the needs of consumers. These requirements are also coupled with the need for marketing organizations to clearly define and demonstrate what success looks like.

Oracle Marketing Cloud’s enhancements of added mobility and flexibility to our Sales Tools Suite gives sales organizations the power to rapidly and accurately respond to prospects and buyers while staying aligned with their marketing counterparts.

Organizations believe that, on average, 32% of their data is inaccurate. This is a significant struggle for our customers and prospects. As we continue to evolve the Oracle Eloqua platform by consolidating data, as well as simplifying the transforming, normalizing, and appending of data has, and will continue to be, a key focus. In 2016 modern marketers can anticipate significant enhancements to this area, while maintaining the familiar canvas experience. The Oracle Marketing Cloud is creating a consistent look and feel across the platform, which will provide customers a cleaner user interface.

Oracle Eloqua will be strategically evolving the analytics platform with our Next Generation Analytics. In the coming months, users will see a new interactive dashboard that tracks the pulse of your marketing efforts in an open and clean format. Unifying the data across channels and life cycle changes will give our customers the ability to streamline their reporting to truly showcase the effectiveness of their marketing performance.

Throughout 2016 there will be great strides in collaboration, data accuracy, user experience, and the overall expansion of the platform while keeping the focus of creating a world-class customer experience while driving revenue.

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