24 March 2021

Conversational commerce, e-Commerce& marketplace

Virtual Event
From 11:30 to 13:00

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Omnichannel is the new battlefield for Fashion & Luxury brands and digital is a decisive ally to look to the future with optimism. BCG's latest "True Luxury Consumer" report highlighted a significant growth in online sales (from 12 to 20%) in the fashion and luxury sector, which is why companies must necessarily accelerate towards the omnichannel model that allows them to integrate the virtual shopping experience with the offline one in a single open ecosystem.


Antonio Canovese
Headless Commerce CX Sales Manager
Luca Menegardo
Chief Information Officer
Dainese S.p.A.
Flavio Bordignon
Managing Partner
Fall Winters

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During the webinar you will learn more about how Fashion, Luxury & Design Brands are organizing themselves to face the challenges imposed by Omnichannel and to respond to changes in customer behavior.

Fashion and luxury customers have become in effect digital globe shoppers: they want to feel connected with the brand and be involved in the purchase process not as consumers, but as people, unique and original. In this context, digitalization comes to the rescue of brands but, despite the fact that in 8 out of 10 this necessary change of course has emerged, the road to offer a unified and frictionless purchase path is still long, especially because changes in customer behavior and the increase in omnichannel transactions inevitably impact on the information systems of brands. Precisely for this reason, new services and channels, such as conversational commerce, e-commerce and marketplace, must be integrated into a coherent and effective 360-degree strategy. We will discover together:

  • the trends of the Fashion & Luxury market at the time of the New Normal;
  • how the Fashion Luxury & Design Brands are being organized to respond concretely to the new challenges of omnichannel;
  • Omnichannel as a strategic advantage, also in emerging markets and in China;
  • the potential of Venistar CX in managing an omnichannel strategy thanks to Dainese's highlights.