08 February 2017 Milano

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2017 Oracle Partner Days Italy

The Cloud is opening up a world of new possibilities for all of us – right now – and this is why Oracle is positioning Cloud First as its number one strategic priority. Successfully reaching the Cloud is a journey. Customers can join at the best speed to suit their adoption. They can do this at their own speed. The role of Oracle and its Partners is to start the journey with customers and to help them Rise to the Cloud at the rate they are most comfortable at.

Cloud presents the greatest opportunity for Oracle and its partners to dominate the market and increase market share year on year. These business opportunities are there for the taking, but no one can do it alone. Oracle is right there alongside its partners every step of the way; rising together. Oracle Alliances and Channels EMEA' core strategic theme for FY17 in EMEA is Rise. Rise is all about the opportunity that the Cloud presents. It's about Oracle and its partners rising together to seize the opportunities presented by the Cloud.

This year's EMEA Oracle Partner events will enable you Rise and grasp those business opportunities, Rise above the challenges of winning and retaining the business, and Rise together with Oracle to future success. You can attend a face-to-face Partner Day or a Partner Executive Forum where our top team will share key strategic insights with you, or join an on-line 'Partner-Cast' where we'll share the latest market-leading data on the Cloud business environment.

This presents a brilliant opportunity for Oracle and its Partners to Rise together. Join us and tap into a dynamic network of expertise aimed at giving you the tools and information to Rise to everything the Cloud has in store.

Oracle's ready to Rise. Are you?


Hotel Meliá Milan
19, Masaccio Street
20149 Milan
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9 a.m. - 2 p.m.


Are you thinking about business opportunities provided by the Rise of the Cloud and how you can help your customers Rise to the Challenge? Then you are in the right place! 

Cloud investment is expanding by 44% each year. This represents a massive opportunity to help organisations with their Rise to the Cloud and capitalise on this. 60,000 organisations worldwide use Oracle Cloud today. This equates to 27 million users and 50 billion transactions – every single day. We have the vision, technology and support to help you Rise to the Cloud.

As an Oracle Partner, this is an incredible opportunity to sell, implement and manage Cloud platform services with your customers. And this is in addition of course to existing on premise businesses. Both offer a level of flexible solutions to customers matched by nobody else.

By coming to a Partner Day this year, you will be able to understand the main pillars of the Oracle Alliances and Channels EMEA Go to Market strategy for the year ahead. These are made up of the following three strategic pillars:

  1. Rise your cloud business with Oracle's leading cloud solutions.

  2. Capitalise from your satisfied customers.

  3. Connect with Partners and Oracle experts for the competitive edge you need.

You'll leave the Partner Day fully equipped to take on all of the challenges and business opportunities that the Cloud has to offer and finally, you'll know how to keep your customers truly satisfied and ensure you capitalise to the fullest the investment they are making.

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