The ability to transform and accelerate the pace.

Founded in 2006 by Franco Uzzeni, U-Power Group is a leader in the distribution and marketing of Personal Protective Devices especially in the European market. Its success is the result of a constant commitment to the pursuit of excellence, both in terms of innovative technologies and the quality of the materials used and design, all Made in Italy. In 2024, the Brand launched a new and stylish Lifestyle range of sneakers on the market which represents a real qualitative leap in the footwear field.


The strong orientation of the Brand on a B2B business model, based on the management of a wide network of sales agents, and the expansion of the offer consisting of an increasingly vast range of items as well as a quite varied customer base, drove U-Power to orchestrate internal distribution processes in a more structured manner, with digital innovation strategies and new interaction methods that could support sales flows and make them more fluid, autonomous and homogeneous.

Thanks to the implementation of the omnichannel platform CX Commerce eXperience, U-Power has a powerful solution for data, service and touchpoint orchestration to support the widespread distribution network in the markets where the Brand operates. This has led to greater efficiency of the sales processes, improved interaction between the Company and its Customers, the creation of catalogs and functions available in multiple languages ​​as well as optimized stock management, which allows Customers real-time visibility of the products availability and speeds up order fulfillment.