BORBONESE is a historic Italian brand, it has a strong heritage, created in Turin in 1910, as a bag, jewellery and accessories label. The distinctive features of BORBONESE style are the O.P. or Occhio di Pernice (partridge eye) print and metal accessories such as screw and bracket, present in all the collections. Over time, BORBONESE has developed a concept of Global Living developing lines of accessories, footwear, clothing, furniture and household linen. BORBONESE manages a network of 18 brand boutique and 15 outlet stores, on the Italian and Swiss territory, and distributes its products through 400 multi-brand authorized resellers. 


During 2015 Borbonese acquired the awareness of the importance of integration between stores and e-Commerce, in other words, between physical channels (offline) and digital channels (online) in order to have shared information from the different touch points used by consumers and to use them properly, according to a new digital marketing model. Hence it has been necessary to adopt a solution that could support the company in a new way with the customer approach and relations, to involve him in an individualized and personalized experience, providing in the meantime an innovative Customer Experience.


Borbonese has identified Oracle Marketing Cloud as the most appropriate platform, meeting the internal demands, in order to manage the processes of marketing in an automated way, creating intuitive campaigns, which are immediate and customized on the basis of the target that has to be involved and of the operating flows conditioned by the customer actions.

The first planning step has been the centralization and maintenance of a single customer Database, with information from heterogeneous sources such as retail stores, online shops and Marketing Campaign tools. A data integration-layer tool was needed, which is a specialized device that is complete in collecting, organizing and consolidating datas from different sources, in order to obtain useful information related to customers, potential customers and their behaviour.

This solution has come from the proposed Venistar with the adoption of the Customer Master Data Management and with the currently ongoing project of integration with e-Commerce, Retail and E-Mail Marketing platforms used by Borbonese. At complete implementation, an import of historical data related to the sales realized through each channel has been displayed; from this moment, the data from the various platforms has been available in real time, creating a Single Customer View of Customers and Prospect.

Next step has been the Oracle Marketing Cloud set-up, which is an automated platform for Digital Marketing, integrated with Venistar Customer Master Data Management. Through bidirectional connections in real time between the two tools, it has been possible to define and configure automated marketing processes using the CMDM as the Master Data. The Marketing Automation platform makes it possible to manage the marketing processes in an automated way, in particular the creation of contacts and leads, with e-mail marketing continuous campaigns on the basis of operational flows conditioned by customer actions.

The last step concerns the Rapid Retargeter set-up, a feature of Oracle Marketing Cloud that allows the marketing department to adapt to customer interactions as soon as they occur and therefore to send a relevant and prompt message in real time. Unlike many retargeting tools that are isolated in a single channel, Rapid Retargeter allows to manage all marketing channels and reach the customer instantaneously.

The customer is more and more evolved, informed and prepared before the purchase: a recent research has determined that the rate of ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) is raised to 75%, confirming the change in consumer behaviour through Digital Transformation. The motivation for Borbonese’s choice lies in understanding the importance of this change, which requires a different approach to the customer, placing him at the center of Brand attention in order to involve him in an individualized experience. It’s therefore necessary to engage customers and potential customers with targeted and personalized marketing initiatives, to reach them at the most suitable and appropriate moment, and to be able to analyse all the actions and reactions quickly and completely. For these reasons, Borbonese evaluated digital marketing solutions that could provide a complete picture on the habits, preferences and intentions of the customer, which are fundamental datas for the departments that are in contact with the consumer to create highly relevant interactions.


  • Agility, speed, innovation, scalability and security for data and users
  • Improvement of the Customers' engagement throughout the purchase path
  • Strengthening Customer loyalty
  • Independence of the IT infrastructure and/or on the software development
  • Single Customer View of Customers and prospects
  • Manage and optimize multiple marketing channels from a single digital marketing hub
  • Power to design behavior-based programs timed for every stage