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26 October 2015

Reach for the stars: iVend and Venistar combine to offer ‘best in breed’ omnichannel solution

Global integrated retail solution brand, iVend Retail has partnered with Venistar, a leading vendor of retail technology to the fashion and luxury sectors.

The strategic alliance brings iVend and Venistar together to offer a ‘best in breed’ omnichannel solution, which will empower retailers to deliver seamless consumer experiences, enabling them to meet shoppers’ needs and improve customer retention and loyalty.

A FashionAble Experience company, Venistar combines a deep knowledge in the distribution and processes of the fashion and luxury retail, wholesale and distribution sectors with advanced IT solutions and technologies.  Supporting some of the most well-known fashion brands by interpreting their needs and translating them into practical management business tools, Venistar’s omnichannel platform named FashionAble Retail delivers the tools to help retailers better understand their customers and drive sales.

The iVend Retail management suite is an integrated solution from Citixsys, which allows retailers to better manage their enterprise operations – across channels, across geographies and across devices. Fluidly integrating its various applications, including loyalty apps, digital passes and analytics, the iVend point of sale system helps brands redefine omnichannel retailing.  With built in ecommerce and mcommerce platforms, bricks-and-mortar retailers can have a single view of their consumers, enabling effective inventory management.

“This partnership enables us to complete our value proposition, integrating all touch points to deliver a consistent retail experience for consumers – in whichever channel they are shopping in and regardless of the device they are using,” said Roberto Da Re, Venistar President.  “The challenges of targeting an omnichannel shopper is one faced by retailers every day and our new offering allows fashion and luxury brands to reach this consumer by measuring their behaviour, providing localised information and creating the right organisational structure.”

“We’re delighted to be working with Venistar as we continue to build our presence across Europe,” added Richard Kolodynski, Senior Vice President European Operations for iVend Retail (part of Citixsys worldwide). “With today’s digitally enabled shoppers, now more than ever technology is a key enabler of experiences that keep customers coming back and can differentiates a business from its competitors.” 

“Our partnership means we can better meet retailers’ omnichannel challenges by enabling them to provide their customers with a consistent experience, regardless of touch point, supported by the appropriate data and applications.  This pairs perfectly with the Venistar philosophy, enabling us to deliver a best in class solution for retailers to help them drive sales across all their channels,” Kolodynski, concluded.

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